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I like this story, but I think I would have liked it more as one continuous story rather than three vignettes of Tracy's life. Great message.

I agree with Deborah, I think I might have been more attached to Tracey if it had all been one continuous story. Great message, thanks so much for sharing it!
I liked the way you handled the little windows into the different stages of Tracey's life... but what happened with Cole? God bless.
I liked the way you built the concept of fulflment into each stage of her life, showing that all she thought would fulfil her didn't ... and when in the eyes of the world there was nothing left, she was finally fulfilled. Well done!
I was very disappointed in the unfulfilled finish. What happened to Cole? The writer brought him up to lure this Reader into reading the story...then left me hanging - cheated of fulfillment. Oh well; surely I will find fulfillment in one of these 200 some entries! Oh, by the way...nice story, well written, just not fulfilling enough for this particular "pickie-unish" type reader.
I'd be especially interested in knowing what happened between vignette #2 and #3. We understand why Cole turned out the way he did, because you gave us hints earlier, but we don't really know what circumstances changed Tracie's heart. Just a sentence or a hint would be enough...The writing here is very engaging, especially in the first third. I could feel Tracie's frustration, and she was a very realistically written character. Splendid story.
I think this was well written. I did find myself wondering why so many years in between and was left hanging somewhat with her life.
Interesting...very interesting...although I agree that I'd like some more threads to tie this all together. Still a thought-provoking read, and being a little older than what was portrayed in the last vignette...well, it definitely made me THINK. :-)
Kaz, I dare you to write a 100-word vignette to go between the second and third one.