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Excellent poem. I liked the repetition of some lines. I wasn't sure that I liked the placing of the Father and Son some three stanzas along - it implies that creation came first, rather than God being there before anything was created. I am just nit-picking! I loved the end!
Facinating style. I like it. Good job!
I agree with the comment regarding the placing of the Father and Son. The Creator must come before the creation. Other than that, very well told.
Agree with the above but otherwise loved the poem
Wow - powerful!

No critique on the poem from me - it blew me away.
I thought for a moment that the author was going to explain the "Big Bang" concept to us about planets colliding in outer space; but then comes the Father and the Son...that is why I agree THEY SHOULD COME FIRST; but all in all the poem is a work of art...and took alot of thought to put it together. Well done.
Right from the soul of a true artist! It will be interesting to see if this wonderfully creative piece was written by one of the three I am mentally assigning to its penning. :0) Excellent.
I'm very taken with the idea of the universe changing at pivotal moments in our spiritual history--but with the constant of the stars swirling overhead. A poem full of powerful imagery.
Creative approach! This stanza was my favorite:

And it was time.
The exact time.
The right time.
To prepare for
the darkest age,
the closed time,
the material time,
the individual time,
the one time.
Very good. I like the imagery of stars swirling overhead and the message that things happen over time, in time and are planned and purposed for those specific times. Nice.
This is a powerful time capsule in verse. I especially like the unique sense of swirling in the rhythm of the poem...swirling tightly with the shorter lines then expanding in a wider orbit momentarily with the repeated longer lines. The timeless quality of the poem is mesmerizing.