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Like how you packed a lot of drama in a small space. You could the feel the emotion of each character as you read. Even with headache, I though the Chaplin’s behavior was out of line with him being a Chaplin...but then it is a good reminder, that yes, we are all human... but yet and still, Christian behavior is always being watched and are we showing Jesus in our actions? Lot of food for thought within this. Enjoyed.
I would like to clarify my comment above, sometimes my thoughts and how it comes across when I write them, don’t seem to mesh when I read it back! :)

I wasn’t being judgmental of the Chaplin, I fail too many times in my own behavior for that! I was just trying to give voice to the pondering the story stirred in me...stating the Chaplin's behavior in this story was a good reminder to me that, though we all fail, yet and still we never know when a non-Christian is watching how we handle things. Maybe in the stress of critical times it's even a more important time to try and let Christ, not our flesh direct our behavior. And this also reminded me that when I fail, someone else often is hurt by my failing, as the young recruit was in this story. All the staff in the world can’t cover and make right my failing before God, only I can do that.
Oh I really enjoyed this story, it held me throughout the entire read. Nicely done. God bless~
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