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Loved this entry...nicely done. Thank you.

God bless~
Beautifully done with a great point. Most of the things we worry about never happen.
Thank you...much food for thought.
Wonderful devotional. One of our favorite songs during Lent is "Roll Away the Stone". Nice entry. God Bless!
Good thoughts on a familiar story!
A good use of the topic and food for thought.
God's omnipresence has been a prevailing thought for me lately and your piece was yet another reminder that He is constantly working in our lives, whether we realize it or not. Thanks.
Beautiful little devotional piece! A great reminder that God is there to show us the way and solve our quandary even in the times when we have no idea what to do next. Thanks for posting!
Something of which you speak happened to me the other day. I had been thinking (only thinking) of something that I really would like to happen. Without bothering the Lord for it because even though I wanted it, I found it so minute as to ask God Himself. But he granted this thing to me and I was blessed because of it. Your analogy makes sense and your story was well-received by this reader. Nicely done!
Good title for your article and easy-to-recall reminder. God has always been there, preparing the way before we get there. He will always see that we have what we need. Nicely done from start to finish.