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Good music lesson as well as a message on working together and not quarreling here. We are all needed in the kingdom of God, no "argument" there.:)Harmonious piece.
Hey you could write a song about this topic-entitle it "Ebony and Ivory"-grin-er-oh yeah that's already been done.:))Seriously though this is well done! Loved it.
I really like this. You have presented such a unique idea, and it's certainly memorable.

I did find it a bit hard to get into a good rhythm, which made reading a little stilted, but the message was still presented beautifully. One of my favourites for the week! Well done.
This was such a fun entry for me. Because even though I never played the piano, I completely understand the disagreements that the flats/sharps have with the regular notes...I have many memories about trying to figure out what is what.
I love this. I took lessons as a child, and now "tinker" around at times, but that's about it. I love the comparison and illustration.
Fun piece. I "saw" the animation in my mind and "heard" the keys fussing amongst themselves.
I love your concept for this topic. It's off the piano staff in creativity!! :) This is a favorite of mine too! Great work!