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This was a tough word challenge. Your perspective on how easily we screw up and the slapstick quality of our errors came close to capturing the theme. I'm a huge Shakespeare fan so I appreciate how you expressed Will's "Too err is human" spirit. Nice spiritual application. What don't I like? The title. Given the title, I'd like to see the quality of grace expressed more clearly.
You have done well in showing the reader your clumsiness in a very NON clumsy way. (you told it well!) Very humorous reading, even as I was saying owie more than a few times. Especially pleased with how you brought it around to a devotional at the end.
Very creative it could rename the topic 'a comedy of errors and accidents' - interesting and substantial in content. Thanks!
Loved, loved, loved! No, I don't feel sorry for you; your family, maybe :-D

This all tied together so well, from present, to childhood, to your dad, to the future in eternity. Wow. Hope this does well!
I can indentify with "clumsy" growing up I was always the klutz in my house! I really loved this story, and especially how it wrapped up with the word of God...Wonderful and clever. God Bless~
Great pictures and a great comedic touch. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I also hope it rates well.
I like how you took some of life’s “clumsy” episodes and threaded them into a spiritual lesson at the end. Well done!
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level 4 and 15th overall!