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You brought us right to this awful time in history. Very good writing. So sad.
My heartfelt appreciation for this story. It puts a human face to a shameful tragedy. It also has a deeper message, to remember and respect the blood that was spilled in order to preserve and protect that which we take so easily for granted; the learning and knowledge that books give to us.
Brilliant writing. Strange as I read through your piece, I understood the terror, and the pain, but I almost shed tears at the final line.
Perhaps the biggest tragedy we can suffer is the death of our dreams.
I have tears rolling down my face as I read this beautifully written atrocity. It is so easy to forget the evils of the past. Thank you for the chilling reminder that this must never be forgotten.

I liked how you wrote without using any contractions. It made the dialogue feel authentic. This is a difficult thing to do, and the entire story is proof that you are indeed a Master author.
This story is outstanding in so many ways--for voice, for description, for historical perspective, for suspense, for emotion. You are a gifted writer.
Breathtaking as always, Rachel! I think you nailed the child's voice.

I was a little confused about the setting at first, where the children were in connection to the breaking glass. But I quickly caught on.

Such a horrific time in history. You captured too well. Excellent!
A vivid depiction of the tension that happened in those days. Excellent portrayal of the sad moments in history with the emotions very well expressed within your story!
A very well written story, concerning a very sad time of history. The family seemed very real, especially the little boy, Benjamin. Keep writing.
Congrats on your high placement with a great story. Well deserved.
Rachel-Hun...I love your historical fictions. YOu have a gift and a passion for them and my heart was pounding as I read this.

I am excited to see the path God has for you, and to be so young. You are blessed with an early start to a dream.

COngrats on your EC...well deserved.
I agree with Marita. Rachel, from the first piece I read of yours I have been in awe of your young talent.
I know you will be writing some bestsellers and I will say "I knew her when."
Hone your craft and follow God's purpose for granting you this talent. What a difference you can make!

Chilling. Stunningly authentic-sounding. Congratulations on your EC!!!
Such a powerful, moving, and terrifying evocation of a horrifying event! The last line is really heart-wrenching. Exceptionally well done--Congratulations!