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Oh...if only we could keep him chained! Cute poem.
What fun to read! I loved looking for your muse in the different library sections.. :) This is so very creative. If I should happen upon your muse, I'll point him/her in your direction for the return trip to you. :)
I love this! I don't know about my muse, but I can get lost in a library easily!
So creative, Verna! Loved this! What a creative take on this week's topic!
I was looking over your first verse in particular. How often have a sat at the keyboard with story ready, and haven't got a clue how to start?
Adorable poem! I'd love to be your illustrator for the book you're bound to write with these great poems! You do shine in this poetry form.
This is a cute poem, Verna - I love the imagery!
He's probably off somewhere galivanting with my muse. I'm sure muses all hang out together having a great time and forget themselves when we want them to come around. I enjoyed it very much.
Oh I must disagree with you on this one. I do believe your muse is firmly planted right near your dear sweet heart. This is a beautiful poem. You seem to have a way of writing such musical words that it appears to be the easiest thing to do. I enjoyed every word.
I can picture the sprite playing hide and seek with your MC - very enjoyable!
I was laughing from the first line all the way through!

I was kinda hoping for a clever ending of just where that muse went...yikes! Is he gone forever?

Awesome job!
This was definitely fun to read. Apparently your muse is very well read. If it's a really big library it could take a while to find her. Keep Writing and Hunting.
Too funny! Great humor and creativity here.
Lovely poem! I enjoyed the entire reading, which flows very smoothly in bringing out the entire story and ending it on a rather sad note. Excellent work!
Clever and creative - this was fun to read.
This is so very clever, Verna! I love it! This would make a darling illustrated storybook for children---which would also introduce them to library concepts they sure don't get searching the internet (like Dewey Decimal)! I hope you find the perfect illustrator.