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The sentimental side of me was saying, "no, don't sell that!" You've packed this with emotion. Your last sentence is profound!
A real tear-jerker. Beautifully described.
I like the angle you took with this. Unexpected and engrossing. I winced about the typewriter, too. Wonderful.
Thank you for a very touching story. You said so much. I think the ending said it all. Keep writing.
I really enjoyed your take on this week’s topic. I can relate to the pain of giving up old memories and so could sympathize with the MC. I liked the last sentences you added. Her realization was encouraging.
I have been a writer, and I've sold my treasures at a yard sale(wish I'd kept many, many more of my books) in order to downsize. I felt a real affinity with your MC. Your closing statements are, indeed, profound.
gives new meaning to selling out. I really enjoyed this. kept my attention throughout. nice job.
Excellent... and the title is perfect. (And I could so identify, after recently selling my house and emptying out my "stuff," giving me new freedom...and new finally REALLY live.)
I've got a lump in my throat. This was so hear-touching AND heart breaking. Nicely told!
You have touched many with this stirring reminder that our "life" is not in our "things". It's a hard lesson to learn.
Beautifully written but oh so sad. A real reminder to lay up treasure in heaven. Thankyou