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A secret revealed? Poetic words - the way to a woman's heart.
Timeless in its telling, but seemingly too difficult for most to understand. Loved it!
oh what a perfectly penned poem! I love your story, your word choices and your meter! This is TOP NOTCH!!!
Very entertaining, and thanks for avoiding the swordid details.
A delight to read, and a tale well told!
Rhyme, meter, phrasing all excellent. Well written, and thoroughly enjoyed.
This flows so beautifully.
Excellent poem. Rosetta's a girl of uncommon good sense.
Wonderful poetry, great flow and rhythm, and right on topic.
This has such a fun, light rythm and feel to it. A great read - thanks!
I feel a bit sorry for Renaldo. I reckon he should have shown Percival the edge of his sword and run him out of town!
Oh I LOVE it! What a charming knight-tale. lol! I'm with Rosetta--go with the poet! Hilariously fun and charmingly romantic. ^_^
I think precious words touch every women's heart. This is a fun and beautiful light hearted poem. I enjoyed it.
Haha, fun! Great poem.
Good job!
I thorouhgly enjoyed this poem. A great piece staying true to the topic.
Poets are a lot less sweaty than fighting men anyway. :) Well done and easy to read.
Charming is the word that came to mind as I read this. Loved it!