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Loved the build-up of tension... to a totally unexpected ending to the tale.
This had a great ending. I laughed out loud at the nice little twist.
Oh, what fun! Loved the surprise ending!
Hahahaha, too fun!
What a fun read! I didn't even come close guessing the ending.
Wow, what a delightful twist. Loved it.
Cute! I liked the way you named your characters after pen Brand names!
Your creativity just knocks my socks off! Splendid entry. This one will do so very well, indeed.

What a cute story! Loved all the witty "pen" names. Ending was just great!
Clever story...I loved the conclusion.
I loved the town names, Inkwell and Swordwell. :) Then I enjoyed the creativity with Mayor Cross and Sheriff Shaeffer and all the "pen names". :) LOL! Your ending went against expectation …and I liked that!
Great entry and so creative! I too loved your "pen" names! Absolutely delightful twist.
I certainly didn't see that coming! This was a lot of fun to read, with a great ending. Well done!
Ahhh, welcome back , my friend. Welcome back! You had me smiling from the very beginning and laughing at the end. You creative take on the topic was refreshing. I hope it does well in the rankings. It is a winner in my view.
Wow, I love a story where I could never guess the ending. How clever. I loved it.
Wow. Where to begin commenting on this masterpiece?

First of all, it reminded me of something I would write. Only you did it in a way that felt toally believable and not outlandish. I loved this line:

"I certainly couldn’t slash prices with my butcher knife. Only my pen could do that job."

Lucy Bic, the town of Inkwell, etc... I loved all the little pen and sword references that you gave to this. This was a very well thought out and well written entry. The tension you built up and the ending were perfect!

It's great to read your stuff again, Gerald. :)
Congratulations on your EC placing!
Gerald, congrats on your Editor's Choice award on this well-thoughtout / creative story!
So glad to find this wonderfully creative tale on the list of winners! Congratulations!!
I certainly didn't expect that ending! I thought the little girl would save the day. Congratulations on your EC. Wonderful story!
Too cute, and wonderfully funny. Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations! A really fun read, and excellently written!
Loved this! So funny, such wit, great job.
Congratulations on the EC. Very well deserved. The entry was a very enjoyable read (even the second time around).
Wow! I really loved this. Your unique imagination and imagry (of pens and swords) had me hooked from start to finish. I loved the names of the towns - Inkwell and Swordsville, etc...And the ending was a nice surprise...Yes, what would the world do without PENS??? (even computers don't take the place of pens!!--Loved your story...Helen