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Great story for "huh". I was echoing Angela's 'huh' when I finished reading. What happened? Maybe 'he' came and drove off with the lady while Angela was on the phone. Maybe the lady was an angel catching Angela unaware, just checking if she would respond with kindness to an uncomfortable request for help. When Angela did the 'angel's' work was done. I don't know but I like the way you made me want to explore the possibilities. A good read.
Hmmmm, wonder what happened? Very eerie and a good story on topic.
I usually don't like "creepy" and "eerie" and things that go bump in the night but this was incredible. Obviously, Chapter 2 will fill us on what happens next. This was well-written with a great plot, leaving this reader wanting more.
My take on this story is that we never know when God will give us a chance to help an angel. She did the right thing in stopping to help, and was blessed with that knowledge of doing the right thing. Am I right? Very well written, thought provoking story!
Very interesting story... Your MC's indecision over whether to help or not was palpable.
Ditto, great atmosphere. Delightfully spooky
Oohhh, well done. I cringed, especially when the mc pulled over and stopped on the shoulder. That's a presciption for diaster in dense fog. On Texas coastal roads most locals drive at 45 m.p.h. If someone is driving slower, maybe you won't hit them too hard. If someone is driving faster, maybe they can slow some before rear-ending you. But, never stop if you can avoid it. You gave me chills, thinking of those days when I lived on the coast.
I definitely want more...

Very suspenseful writing!
I want to know more. I hope you keep writing this story and let us know what happens.
I DO like creepy and eerie and things that go bump in the night -- so please get back to this one and let us know what happens! Very atmospheric!