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I wish I had written this! That's my highest praise for a piece. This story is masterful in every way: characters, setting, plot, description, surprise, and romance.
You've created a wonderful and vivid world of purple with your use of dialogue, descriptions and characters. I especially liked the way you developed Pop's view of life and his family's sometimes skeptical but always loving and respectful view back.
Great story and superbly written. Well done!
Wonderful work. Kudos.
You manage to convey so much in 750 words. Amazing! I love the ethnicity of this, the house image and paint color names, "Grape Cluster" and "Lilac Garden," :) the "branded with a capital 'p'", and the creativity of the "inventions" LOL… Your ending is super, "eggplant" shirt and all!
Congratulations. You kept us 'mauving' right along with you. Very creative treatment, with strong characters.
Right from jump, when I read the line, "No pansy-fication allowed. It was a short-lived engagement," I knew this was going to be masterpiece in voice. The details of Pop's affections in the different hues of purple were well placed (and too funny), but I loved the essence of this; Alberto (and men in general) tend to have a romantic awakening (pansy-fication) when they find "the one".
I theenk I love this. :)
Great energy and enthusiasm. Smartly written. I enjoyed it very much. I appreciate your talent.
Beautiful story!
As usual, you do a terrific job--I could aspire to write so! I liked how you built the story, constructed it, and took us along for the ride. Wonderful!
I like Pops and his son. Your dialect is great and I love the ending.
You are truly a master storyteller - I could read and read your writing over and over again ... Go, Pop.
Ooh, this makes me want more. I love this family, and the MC in particular. I want to attend the wedding. Two thumbs up!
So many things to love about this story, not the least of which is the adorable title--and the eggplant shirt. Wonderful voice, wonderful writing.
Nice job. Smooooooth read that felt like it had "a lot" packed into the 750 words.
"His devotion is enough to make you believe that chivalry should be dead."
This line was adorable! Loved "Pop". Great writing!
Great story. I enjoyed the way the story flowed, and the little twists and turns. Awesome!
Awesome work Lisa, I loved the environment and characters you created. And now I have a new word for my lexicon, "pansy-fication" :). I theenk this is a real winner!
Beautiful characters. can i order one of those "purple lights?" great read.
This is an amazing story--so detailed, so absolutely realistic that I felt like I knew these people. Beautifully written... very well done!
Very good job, I can't really add to what's already been said, thanks, I enjoyed it.
Lisa Lisa!

My favorite line from your latest challenge. "My father was a recreational inventor by love."

I have purposed to read your "challenge" every week and sift it for every nugget, until I can melt and shape something as sparkling as you do.

"Now unto him that is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think..."

You are way better than a muse!