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This was well done, and an interesting story behind one of the curiosities of out age.
This is so rich, all the way from the Charlie Brown truism to the mother's philosophical insights regarding snow and the father's sudden revelation of how to "wise up". I especially like the "asides" - the way the narrator would add little anecdotes to spice up the story, keep it going and make it somehow more real. This is a genuine piece of great writing and story telling.
Wow, this was a great story! I like the footnote at the end, too. I love to learn little pieces of trivia about unsung heroes and inventors.
Very well written story chock-filled with interesting info to keep the reader engaged. I, also, love to learn something from a challenge entry and I did here.

How very cool! (no pun intended.) Loved this story! Entertaining, and the footnote made it educational too.
What an interesting story! Thoroughly enjoyed it.
You really brought this family to life for me in this excellently written story.
You had me hooked beginning with the Charlie Brown quote. :) Enjoyed the ethnicity of this. Favorite lines: the "mother had wanted winter…she got it." (The husband and wife were adorable. :) And, the power of the mono/single syllable word. I read this to my husband, he enjoyed the "nuclear winter" comment and "my father was no dummy" And chuckled several times. :)
Fascinating slice of history—yours and that of the famous Zamboni. Well done.
I love Charlie Brown so I was hooked from the "git go". Well written and entertaining. And I love stories with reconciliation at the end...Nicely done!!!
Wonderful character pack so much in 750 words! My favorite part are the two lines that begin with "Oooh..." Exquisite.
I enjoyed this very descriptive and interesting story. This winter theme is creating a lot of nostalgia.

I love it. Charlie Brown also said, "Happiness is anyone and anything that is loved by you." And I can tell you love writing. Your passion is clear. Great characters, POV, research and story telling.
God bless.
I loved it. It was fun to read and made me laugh! The 'My father was no dummy' line was perfect. :D
What a beautiful, masterful, subtle description of how a husband began the process of "thawing the ice"! There's so much here--a complex mix of gentle humor and genuine emotion. Very well done!
I agree with a previous comment: you pack a LOT in 750 words....I should write so well! Terrific.
Very well-written. I was involved in the story and stayed with you till the end. The added information was interesting to know.
I LOVE this! You are such a good writer that I'm green with envy! I laughed out loud and that to me is the best test of whether something is funny or not. This is FUNNY! Kudos!
I like the story very much and I can picture in my mind the entire scene of the 'nuclear' family at Iceland skating and enjoying the winter wonderland. I also like the ending -- the ending of the 'cold' relationship towards a future build on ice and snow as a part-time Zamboni driver. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.
This was so fun. I love your imagery and storytelling ability. It's so smooth and feels so effortless.
Ohhh...this was so-so-so good! Loved every minute, but especially loved the line about mother wanting winter and getting it, lol. Awesome...