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I totally want to go look up wildmen now! So intriguing! Excellent and super creativity.
What an intriguing tale! Anytime I read something and it makes me want to go research the subject matter then I know it is a good piece of writing.

I wish you had more than 750 words to work with. I felt like some of the questions I had weren't answered and some of the detail lacking, but you did great with the words you had to work with.

The description of the wildmen was superb! I could picture them in my mind perfectly!

There are so many legends in the world. They had to be based on something...loved this story!
Fascinating! I love folklore like this, and this was very well-written.

I wasn't sure what you meant by 'grissel-like'.

I couldn't stop reading this, and it made me want to know more and more. Well done!
Excellent writing! I look forward to researching the Wildmen more thoroughly.
Just fascinating. Love the storytelling.
Intriguing and mysterious. Loved it, especially the ending.
Very interesting slice of history, indeed. I like the "short tall" phrase. ;)
Oooh! This is certainly very intriguing, I liked this and I wish I could know more about this. Love the fact that there is truth to this. Lol! Excellent job!
What a wonderful imagination, taking a forgotten part of history and making a thoroughly enjoyable story out of it. Thanks!