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I love this so much that I can't TELL you how much I love this! What a marvelous tribute to "The Bells", and with wonderful word choices and superb atmosphere. LOVE IT!!!
I love this, too. It has a sophisticated and unusual rhythm, descriptions that are simply perfect, and a joyful and happy sound that is just the way Christmas should be!
My mind was singing this as I read it. Excellent work! I think Edgar would like it too. :)
I got all caught up in this. Very well done!
Well done! Besides the form, your word choices and imagery are wonderful.
Ditto, a fitting homage to 'the Bells'.
My one moan would be that you stopped too soon!
Beautiful and lovely. What everyone else said.
Well written and engaging! Great Job!
OK - I'm doing a little jig now and anxious for Thanksgiving to come soooo that after we can get to decorating for
Christmas with lights and all! :)
Excellent! Ditto all the above. God Bless.
I've never read "The Bells" but I'm sure this is a fitting reflection, based on the rhythm of the poem. Excellent work!
oooh.... I had to re-read it out loud and I could hear all the shades of sounds. Beautiful!
Oh the lights, the brilliant wonderful lights --- oh how you have brought them to life and made them so real!

Not into poetry much but this blew me away. I wanted more to read!
Poe was certainly a master when it came to meter, and you've captured the flow beautifully, without losing any coherence in your new lyrics. Very nice.
I never read "The Bells" either, but you've got me curious now...well done on its own merits.
This was a delight to read. Excellent choice of words to say so much with so little. Well done.
Excellent. This was a treat to read.
I love this Verna - there are such beautiful lines. I particularly loved 'How they shine, shine, shine,
With an incandescent beam
Of significance divine,
Like the magi’s holy sign' The repeated words are so powerful and clever -
it has definitely made me want to read 'The Bells' but I think I might enjoy your take more. Its so full of joy and 'Christmassy'!! Thankyou