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Wow, it would seem like quite a tough choice, but yet with the obvious answer sticking out, huh? I wanted to see the end of this all the way through and I certainly did not like that cousin! Good job! ^_^
Clara sure wasn't what I expected from how it started. Great job! Good story to share with a group of kids.
Perfect for one of those discussion questions in a Sunday School class or youth meeting. Very good.
This is an excellent story with her "peace" showing which answer the innocent cousin chose.
Enjoyed the twist. A boring shopping trip turns into one of those moments when you have to choose between doing right and wrong. Glad to see she was going to make the right choice.
Wow! --a tough decision that could bring unjust consequences. Great story with this.
Definitely, definitely get this to a youth group leader! I know what Clara's going to do, no doubt at all. Very engaging story.
A dilemma that lots of Christian kids will possibly face at sometime. This would be well accepted by Sunday School teachers and Youth Group leaders. Great discussion starter that's for sure. What a choice for Cindy to have to make. Well done Gerry
What would I do? Very good question to ask! What a huge moral dilemma you have presented here. This is one of those stories that gets the reader thinking and pondering about their decision if they were plopped down into a similar situation.

Great job with the female POV. In all honesty, I wouldn't have been able to tell whether a man or woman wrote this, because the voice felt accurate to me.
Life of a teen in 750 words and you did it so well. Your title tells me what she is going to do, but I'd love to here the how.
Loved the open ending. Lots to think about, and written well.
Wow! Love the ending! Great food for thought. This would make a great teaching lesson for teens.

This is one of my favorite phrases: "As I was wading in my thoughts..."

Great job! Blessings, Cheri
Incredible ministry potential for this one. You did an excellent job writing it, and I am always so excited when I read an entry on the topic that can also make an incredible point otherwise. Well done!
This was really good. I agree that this should be gotten to a youth director. There is a great message here. Well done my Faith Writer friend.
Fabulous job Gerald, definitely a "thinker"! I really appreciated the added details like the price tags flapping. Excellent work!