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This whole thing tickled me silly, since I"m such a huge cat fan. But for some reason the bit that "got" me was3 little words: "not so much." They just seem to perfectly capture cat-itude. This is adorable.
This just made me laugh. I am NOT a cat person--though I used to be. (Don't ask.) You nailed the cat personality perfectly! I especially laughed about the scratching post--very funny. Love the voice.
Very creative and clever entry. I've never owned a cat myself, but I know several cat-lovers and according to the things they've told me, this is dead-on (pun-intended). Nice job!
Darling and fun.I AM a cat lover, and you definitely DID peg them. This must have been fun to write!
Jan wss write with "catitude." You captured it perfectly.
This was fun and lighthearted, despite the subject of death by litter box fumes. Loved it...
SOOOOO much fun. You had fun with this, I could tell. A perfect cat voice. I loved the part about licking up the drops of water.
This was very cute and silly and up to par for your excellent writing skills.
LOVE this! Simply too funny! I love the angle of a cat writing a letter-and especially of the tone of voice here, it's just perfect, fitting the cat right. I love the fact that it was her 8th life and she's now on her 9th. This was hilarious and wonderful! ^_^
I am not even a cat person but absolutely adored the attitude of your cat in this piece. Great writing my FaithWriter friend!
Incredibly creative! You captured a cat's attitude perfectly. Nice work. It was fun to read, and I bet it was fun to write. Blessings, Cheri
This was just delightful. I liked the cat's voice - it sounded mature as befitting a cat now in their ninth life.

Well done on a different and very enjoyable story.
Even a dog lover like me can appreciate the humor and tenderness in this wonderful story. Kudos!!
Too funny! I especially loved the cat's views on children, and the OUR OWN SPOT comments were priceless. I actually bought my cat one of those fancy cubic cat bed/homes, which she slept in every night until she decided to expunge a hair ball etc into it. She never touched it again...
And here I thought that my late kitties were in cat heaven. So they are sunbathing in Florida—boy, what a life. Great writing.
One of the msot creative and clever entries that I have read this week. I loved the tips that the cat gave. I also loved the part about dying to the toxic fumes, because he wouldn't empty the litter box. LOL.

One of my favorites this week. I hope this one places high. :)