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This sad story is told so well with excellent descriptions.
A sad message, but so true. Oftentimes, we leave people alone when they are physically right there with us. Then we are surprised when they hurt themselves or others. A story to think about. Thank you!
Biting, powerful, and thought-provoking. A strong piece.
So sad. So true. We can easily do this to people even when we don't mean to.
Ouch. A very powerful message without being preachy. Very good writing. I like that this was such a simple story, with so much packed in. Great job with the topic.
This is a very sad commentary on how cliques continue to plague our churches and small groups. Very well written story.
How sad. Probably happens more than we know. Good characterizations!
This just broke my heart--the worst of it is, those people were "nice" to her--probably thought they were being good Christians. This one really jabbed me.

Perfect--but sad, sad, sad--ending.
You didn't pull your punches with this piece--ouch. There are times when we all need to stop and really look at how we're doing, and this makes us do that. Great descriptions and character development.
While I am usually more prone to like happy endings, this one captured my heart. It reminds us all not to see who's there, but who's not, and to reach out to them, and, of course, to make the Lord first, and our stuff fade in to the background.
So true to form of a lot of "attempts" by churches to get to know each other outside the pew. Sometimes we need to see a not-so-happy ending to wake us up. btw...we have the same first name. Hello, Marita!