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Very well written, and a sad indictment of so much that is called worship. I an visual the "invisble lint" being picked off.
Your story reflects our failures, even as we gather to worship, and reminds us why we need a Savior! You pegged several behaviors I know I've been guilty of through-out my church-going years. Well told.
What an amazingly vivid portrait of a dead church. Wonderfully descriptive, and convicting! Much to think about here.
Sad, but oh so true. You handled the characters in a way that got your point across in a great way.
You wrote a very interesting account of what corporate worship too often is and never should be. Well done.
Ouch. Very good. Sharp, creative and ministered well. God bless.
Well-penned and poignant descriptions. You effectively illustrated the mismatch that so often exists between our thoughts and our words.
Beautifully written, and left me very sad--as it was intended, I'm sure. Masterful.
So sad because it's so true. The stench of religion rises from too many of our churches today. I did like the remaining hope in the man of God's voice, "One day . . ." Good job.
I read this earlier and thought sure I had commented but now I find I didn't. This is very insightful and sadly, too true. The Laodecian spirit is present in too many of our churches. The Lord calls us to recapture our first love. Good wake-up call.
Very creative way to describe religion compared to relationship. Your characters did a good job of getting your message across. Besides a well written piece, one thing stuck out.I was curious as to why Pastor John was referred to as a pastor and a priest. That's all. Great writing. And I love the detail of the church service. I'm convinced that you grew up in a traditional church.
Ann I have but one word that I think best describes all of your writing. ANOINTED!!!