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Wow - what a unique perspective! Such words of wisdom - and such a fascinating reaction. I love the interaction between your two main characers.
Great example of how a timely word well spoken can make the difference...a wonderful reminder of how we are to act in the Name of Christ.
I agree with the comments of the others. Very nice job, engaging. Blessings, Cheri
This is great. Intense, action-packed, detailed...I love the speaker's calm in the midst of the robbery and the robber's response. The speaker's ability to see past what was into what could be was beautiful.
I'd love to read the sequel to the would-be robber's story but somehow I know you're going be a little busy to write it.

This was great, from the dialogue (especially) to the things you selected to 'show' us the young robber's fear. I kept thinking somehow your MC was going to turn out to be an angel incognito. Suspenseful, kept me reading.
I think this is a good example of how we often run from God, although for most of us, it might not be this cut and dry. I like the action. Good job with this easy read.
A really fresh take on Pastor!!! And a fun read. I couldn't help feeling the story was a little bit too good to be true ... not that you didn't describe the robber's response realistically. Perhaps if we'd gained more insight into what had driven him to such a pass, or what made him susceptable to such a bold approach ... then again, that wasn't really possible from the point of view of which the story was written. Hmmm, what am I trying to say? I know ... great job!!! :-) (Sorry about rambling)
I'd love to know more about the man who spoke to the robber, but I loved the story anyway. I know that boy was convicted beyond comfort and I am sure the Lord had His hand on him. Thanks for sharing this.
I didn't find the setting confusing, but did think the outcome maybe a little too good to be true. I was waiting for this brave man to get shot. But the power and way of the Lord is unknowable, and with Him all things are possible. Very well written, enjoyable read, and left me wanting to know more, and to be more like your MC.