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Beautiful ... this left me with goosebumps. I enjoyed the way you slowly but surely revealed more and more of the story.

The line about looking decidedly less angel-like added some welcome light relief.

Golden hair ... tribes ... I wonder where and when this was set? Germany or somewhere of 1900 years ago????
Well framed beginning and ending - good drama.

Clincher: "I found a new path to walk.” Her head came up with a quiet gaze. “I found truth.”

You painted a vivid picture with your words. I love the sentence, "She must have found the trust she searched for in my eyes." Wow, what greater compliment can someone pay to us, than to trust us like that? That inspires me to be that type of person. Well done; thanks for sharing!
I like this kind of fiction--the setting unclear, the characters mysterious--yet the message as clear as a bell.
Wow! Beautifully written! I really enjoyed this!
Very nice. Great picture of the golden hair and white dress in the river and the ministry to her "rescuers."
Just beautiful! Great description. I was engrossed throughout. Thank you!!
If I hadn't followed the hint, I would still have known it was yours... Beautifully well done. A new gem to add to the collection.
A wonderful story! I was very blessed by reading this. It is enchanting and enjoyable. Thank you for writing this and sharing it
Wonderful dialouge. Great descriptions. The ending was ver powerful! Great, job!
WOW! This was masterfully written! Excellent job of painting pictures with words, etc!
Your ease at storytelling drew me in to keep reading. Charming and delightful style. Well done! :)
Cool - a nice folk tale feel to it :)
This feels like the kernel of a much longer story, which was inventive and nicely done. I felt this was missing a little background colour - when and where is this set? - but otherwise I enjoyed this. God bless xx