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Definitely cute - although I got more of a "water" theme than a "river" theme! Still, the images of gagging and wedgies and marine life in the hair are fantastic!! Good allusions to the life of the spirit and living water, too. :-)

Oh why, oh why can't more inspirational pieces be like this! You pulled me into the (hilarious) story, then whallopped me with an awesome lesson--then back and forth seamlessly between the two. Awesome!
OK you - I was laughing so hard I almost peed in my pants!!! (LOL is that OK to say in a Christian forum?) You do such a SENSATIONAL job of weaving humor and wisdom from His word together into a seamless and hysterically funny tapestry! You really have a gift!
This made me smile but it was also food for thought. very well done! inspirational. Your description was so eloquent. Thanks for sharing this!
You should send this off to publication as a devotional. It's excellent!
I'm glad I found this through your hinting. It is a fun read with real-life applications. I totally enjoyed it.
ROFL and still get an inspiring devotional. Great work, Jo. I love it.
This was sooooo funny---I bet you are a hoot to hang out with.It drew me in and made me want to keep reading which is every writer's goal. I also liked the comparison of the spiritual with the physical----so very well done> I give you a double A plus
By the time I got to your painful wedgie I was hooked with a happy smile on my face. A pleasure and a treat. God bless. xx
THIS is a keeper. It's perfect in everyway - besides being awesome. An absolute treat to the soul. Wow!
This is a hoot, a delight, and a wonderful lesson woven all into one. I agree with others. WOW! I was thrown into the water of life yesterday and got a mouth full of something not to wonderful. This helped me. Thanks!!!
Oh, this is sooo funny! And the inspirational ribbon woven so beautiful in the midst of the laughter. Wonderful and creative writing! A true blessing!
Loved it. Reminded me of the one (and only one) time I tried to water ski :o).
Wedgies, eh? That sounds like something I might write about someday (thanks for the idea). LOL humor, as always, Jo. You definitely have an amazing and quirky way of looking at things (I love it!). I love your ability to entertain and deliver a powerful message simultaneously. Loved it!
What can I say that hasn't been said? Excellent, as always. I love your humour, the stuff you think to notice (like what is in the water?!), and the lesson is really well brought home. Great.
Hooray, Jo! This is a wonderfully funny, real message delivered with punch. Congrats on your win. Love it!
CONGRATULATIONS! This is one of my favorites for river!
Congratulations on your "Second Place" win!

God bless you as you continue to offer your gifts and talents to the Lord in such a wonderful way! Very, very well done!
Congratulations Joanne!!!!
This I like. I love that I get to keep learning here at FWs from great writers like you. You sure know how to do it right. God bless.