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Oooh, Very good. Love, love, love the title.
Unique take on the topic and well written. It reminds me of some of my own thoughts before I accepted Christ. It's a good reminder to see inside the mind of an unbeliever as we seek to share Christ with others.
What I liked - First, the title was perfect - I was thinking a bad hair day:) and then the voice throughout was great. the beginning paragraph hooked me, like it should! And the ending, just what it needed- no fast quick answers - just made one think.
What I might change-I would drop the 'had' fooled and just say fooled. I also think you needed a comma in 'While, by the way, "
Otherwise- GREAT writing!!
Perfect voice! This is great! Written with such authenticity, irony, even wit. I love this.
This is indeed quite lovely writing.
I love the eazy going approach it works beautifully. Be blessed always.
Definitely a unique approach to this topic. Loved the point of view - it worked just right, IMO. Definitely gave me some things to think about!
Indeed a unique take on the subject. The title was great. I liked the the voice for this story.
I know some of these people and they do 'just stay away'. Loved your POV, title and voice.
Convincingly told "warning." I know someone who could have written this - almost verbatim. Very good character study!!
I agree---very creative take on "cross"...And Master's quality writing!
What a title! What a story! Just loved it.
Masterfully written! The best thing I love about this is that it didn't have that "story-book" ending! You opened the door to understanding how the hardened heart perceives the transformed heart. Very, very good! :)
Pat, I enjoyed this very much. Great story telling. I like the way you turned the topic inside out to present it from a different perspective. Very kool! God bless.
Pat, this is great! I too especially find the voice of your MC to be perfect and real! Great writing!!
Mastercrafting all the way. Great story!
Wow. What a story - with a great ending, and a better message.
Thanks for sharing.

God bless,

I liked the alternate view of this entry. I think I'd like to see this expanded, where the narrator mentions more specifics and how it made her (him?) feel.
A very crafty take on the topic with a great message. Enjoyed reading your work as usual! Jo
Clever satire - deserves to be read again.
I love the way you presented this from the viewpoint of an unbeliever, while still getting the message of the power of the cross out there. Good job!
Short and bitter sweet, Pat. A provoking point of view told with a convincing and consistent voice! (BTW thanks for your comment on Silent Stars) yeggy
Thanks for sending me this link, Pat! Look for this thought-provoker to appear on the Showcase page for the week of January 28.
Pat, I remember this piece. Great to see it showcased this week!
Front page? We are in the winner's circle aren't we? Great Job!
How wonderful to revisit this great piece, Pat! I'm struck by the depth of meaning in the title "Pink Highlights". The soul of this speaker is bathed in the pink highlights of Christ's love and great sacrifice for him, as well as the warmth of his family's love and prayers for him, even though he doesn't acknowledge it. I feel that the pink highlights will turn crimson as the gentle, drawing love of the Lord eventually conquers his heart. Congratulations on this front page placement!
I missed this story the first time around, so I'm glad I saw in on the showcase! Great point, well made. Good job!
Love it! Great veiw from the "outsider"-original!
This is a very unique way of telling a story. I'm impressed with your ability to express it.

Keep up the good work
Doris Thompson