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Very cute story with a good message. Clever thinking to write something about the favor of Mary. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Such a clever way of seeing favouritism and applying it to your situation. The dialogue between mother and daughter was also very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Very nicely done! A lesson readers of all ages will learn from. Thank you for letting me one of those readers. - Nancy
Wish my daughter was that responsive to Bible illustrations. Seems a bit too polished to me, I guess for that reason...I find it hard to believe a sixth grader would be that receptive, and wouldn't just space out, nod as though listening, and then immediately dismiss what mom had said.

From a nuts-n-bolts perspective, it's built well. It's worth reading. Thanks for posting.
The story was good reading but i understand what the above poster meant. I wonder how many 12 years old would have really listened and cared? But then maybe we are short changing them because in a household where they were always taught about God's wisdom, maybe it would be receptive!
This would be great in a teaching situation for girls of just that age. Well done.
Well, cough cough, MY 12 yr old would be that receptive... not that she's my favorite or anything :)
I loved this story. It was very polished and why is that a bad thing? (re: another comment) I have a 12 year old and he would be very attentive and receptive to an explanation like the one given in your story. Great job!
This was an excellent perspective on favor. I loved that it isn't for sissies! Don't know if an average Christian 12 year old would get anything from thinking of all that Mary gave up - but I did!

Good teaching. I do believe in our world today a twelve year old christian girl would understand this more then say a sixteen year old girl, Simply because in our world today so many teenage girls are having babies before marriage and it is sad to say it is accepted way to easily.
I believe twelve years of age is an excellent time to teach such a lesson.
well done .

Awesome work, as always. I didn't get a lot of reading done last week, so I had to wait for the "reveal" to find you. Great story, great lesson, great writing.
Congratulations Lois! 3rd place in the Editor's Choice and 2nd place in the Level 3 Champion Challenge. Well deserved. Love, Deb
Just back again today "collecting" your story for the next FaithWriters' Anthology, and only just read the comments made about a 12-year-old not being receptive to this sort of teaching. Got to say, they are not only receptive to it, but they eat it up and take it on board (whether you realize it at the time or not) - provided the avenues of communication have been kept open beforehand. My two (nearly 20 and nearly 18 - girl and boy) are testimony to it. It really is a great story. Love, Deb