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I have to say, this was an excellent piece! The dialogue flowed smoothly and drew me right into the story. Loved the "John" angle.
Great work!
This entry could be used as a teaching tool. Great writing.
This article is really good. I agree it can be used as a teaching tool, especially to allow others to see there are more sides to one theory.
Interesting article, and a good teaching tool.

I once heard (and think it might be true) that the reason Jesus and John were so close is that John totally accepted the fact that Jesus loved him. Jesus said it, and he believed it, and that settled it for him. Sounds simplisitic, but I have come to realise in my own walk that when I accept His love, and walk with Him there is an intimacy there that cannot be explained, but just accepted.
I always thought the books weren't necessarily written by the named person. But regardless, great story and easy to read and follow. I liked the last line especially.
Very well done. Makes me hope there are lots of real kids having this same conversation. That would be awesome. I agree: Good Teaching Tool.
Apparantly Salome, John's mother, was at the crucifixion too. I wonder how that went down, Jesus swopping moms like that.
Loved how you showed everyone is special to JESUS! That's exactly what our Heavenly Father would have done. Thanks for spreading "SONshine!"
This piece has a wonderful, yet simple quality to it, casual conversation. I immediately felt like a silent part of this group. Sitting and observing the wheels turning and the light bulbs going off. (how exciting it was to ‘see’) A virtual Bible Study, if you will. The message is strong and timeless. It is refreshing to think that the disciples too, struggled with the same confusables that we do today, but show us, by practical example, how we also can feel the assurance of our place with God. PTL, He loves us all uniquely, yet equally. Your piece has indeed been a blessing. - Nancy
Well-written and I would have liked to be part of that conversation. And the comfort of its aftermath.

Very well written. I agree this would make a good teaching tool.

Very interesting idea. And the way you handled the dialogue is convincing. The ending is spot on :-)

Lynne, congratulations on your 7th Place win in the Editor's Choice and receiving Highly Commended for the Level 3 Champion Challenge on what was a very highly competitive week for that Level. Well done! With love, Deb
Very good!Thought provoking.