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OMG! Winner! This was great and clearly a personal recount! It has to be and if it isn't, then you're better than good, you're a MASTER! This was . . . well, MASTERFUL! I loved it!! Wow!
WOW! WOW! WOW! I mean WOW! What a beautiful story of a sister's love and a mother's faith. Beautiful job. Oh, did I say, WOW!?
I'm sitting here in tears! A more beautiful story of love and devotion and miracles can hardly be found. Congratulations on capturing the essence of love!
Wow, doesn't do this justice. Stupendous, marvelous, masterful in every way. I was touched by a mothers faithfulness and overcome by her sacrifical love. There are so many aspects of this story to touch on there is not enough time. Endurance, salvation, brokeness, faith, hope, and on and on. Truly "Master" quality. Hope to see you there next week.
Astounding! I loved it very much. Brenda C.
Oh, this is sooo good. I was totally captivated by the writing, both the content and the ease of which it flowed. Excellent, Excellent! I think I smell a winner!!
Wonderful story of life out of almost certain death. My heart broke for you and your parents as this story hit close to home. Twice I agonized over one of our daughters whose life was in the reach of death. But then it came to pass . . .

Good writing; I enjoyed it very much, even with the tears.
This is such a beautiful and touching story of faith, love, devotion and commitment. Grandpa Charles deserves some mention; even though an unbeliever, he paid for the brother's tuition to become a minister and then turned to Jesus. Just splendid writing.
Boo hoo! This brought tears to my eyes! Very good story telling! I loved how you ended it.
This is heart stirring. Very emotional. Thank you for sharing. Now to go find a kleenex.
Oh SO wonderful!! I could feel the raw emotions of everyone in this story. Your closing is just right.
I think everyone else said it best. WOW! :-)
A beautifully written and touching story. Your sensory language in the first paragraph brought us into the church and the prayer at the end...perfect.
Dear Rita, if this is a true story from your family history, I hope you are writing the whole book! You have introduced us to several lovely characters we want to know more about! Thank you!
p.s. Forgot to mention, the brother's sermon text is one of my most favorite: Peter walking on the water, as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus (such a good lesson for us all). And, alongside Enoch walking with God, this text is the New Testament selection just perfect for this "walk" challenge. Great job!
What a story of incredible courage,and so sensitively related. Thank you. This pulled myheart strings.
such deep emotions remind me of home...thanks.