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This is a very interesting read, but I'm left with a lot of questions. Perhaps, this is just part of a bigger story, and this is all the word limit allows. I'm assuming she is recovering from a brain injury, or a mental breakdown.
You definitely captured the fragmented mind of an alzheimer's patient, and her loved ones(I assume she had alzheimers, though it could have been something similar, I suppose!). I felt confused WITH her (not in a bad way, either!) - I don't think I've read anything that helped me empathize with this condition as much as this piece did. Thanks!!
top-notch writing here!
enjoyed this very much!
Very interesting - very insightful - so sad - and yet so happy.
Such an interesting well written story. An unfolding miracle. Like other comments, I would like to know more, just enough mystery to stir a lot of questions. Lovely story.
As with others, it leaves me with many questions. But it captured my attention and I could somehow understand her confusion. My mother died with severe dimentia and scenes like this were frequent. Whatever the situation, the similarity sturred up a lot of memories. Awesome! :)
Oh, I loved this, and especially the character of Tom! What an awesome guy!
"lost in the maze of my soul"...awesome phrase...perfectly holds together the chaos in the unfolding of this bittersweet story. Not an easy job, yet you did it so beautifully!
Wonderfully written piece here. Left some questions, but that just makes the reader wanting more, I guess. Great job.
This story breaks my heart. So very sad and yet hopeful. A compelling read. I want to know more. Excellent writing.
Wow, had me going around in circles trying to figure out what exactly was wrong with her. Well done.
The way you've captured Barbara's confusion comes across very well. Left me feeling rather sad but a good read.
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