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Amen! Nice message.
What a great day it will be! Thanks for the vivid reminder.
A Psalm of reckoning, a Psalm of hope, a Psalm to encourage us in sharing with the lost, and a Psalm of promise. A well done realistic reminder.
Until that day....
Marvelous! I'm saving your poem to read again & again. It is absolutely precious.
Even though I've never met you, you make me want to meet you on that great morning.
I'll meet you in the morning over there!
Nice flow with a great message. Good job.
WOW! You painted a vivid picture! Great writing!
I am especially drawn to the picture you paint of the destruction of the real enemies of God's creation:
"...Down shall fall Chaos in the flames of His wrath, Torment and Oppression cast aside, Like dried stocks before the storm.
Malice, cut away in the flashing of His sword.
Lust, Greed, and Envy, trodden underfoot,
Like the rotted grape of a withered vine...."
To me, these are the "tares" sown in the hearts of humanity that the angels will collect for the burning. I like you way with words.
I agree with Edy. Joy for the saved, death and dispair for those who chose to deny him ... but the ultimate end for sin and all the pain and suffering that it brings. He is the victor. Amen!
Double wow to you. I got chills halfway through. The pictures and sounds were vivid in my mind as I read. Great piece of writing.
Very vivid and exhilarating writing!
This 'last days' poetic reminder should make us realize how soon the time may be, and how fierce the power of His wrath against those who hated Him. And yet, as you wrote, He will turn from those who refused Him with tears. "Tears slowly flowing, He too turns away, And the fire falls from the heavens Like rain on a barren land." These words gave me chills!

Lord, I pray we heed the message!
This was very well written and a blessing for all who read it. It is truly Great!
Hey Pup, I didn't see ANY typos! LOL. But seriously, this is awesome, you packed a lot of vivid images and truths into a short space. It flowed well and I especially loved the way you ended it. I love your similies.."like withered grapes"..etc. Very "great" job!