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This is truly great. I'm not familiar with American history to know how much of what you've written is true, but you've painted a convincing picture of Martin's dedication to his subject and the profound effect his research has had on him. To be led to the Lord is the best thing that can happen to any of us.
An interesting glimpse into a possible future. A very creative approach to the topic and a thought-provoking piece. Great idea for a longer story as your character begins to share what he has discovered with others. Just a "thought." Well done.
You've almost got me ready to do a search on this name myself. Well written and I love the big idea ... 'a worthwhile life' indeed.
Wow, I really loved this! Very thought-provoking as a Christian and a writer as well. Also very inspiring. What greater legacy to leave as a writer than to lead someone to Christ long after one has passed on? Fantastic!
Incredible. You did such a believable future story. I loved it.
What a wonderful, read-able style in this piece of scary, possible-future fiction! Pulled me right along, great conclusion.
Brenda, this is a tremendous apologetic, couched in a riveting story! Your build-up to the glowing finale was superbly done. I just loved it--both brilliant and moving!
Wow! Insightful and poignant for today! A great read because it was so well written. Really very good! Loved the ending!
Thought -provoking... Would the words we write point the way to Jesus? Are our words life-giving? VERY well written.
An interesting, yet possible, picture of the future. Very nicely written and sounds like it could be "chapter 1." :)
Your last sentence...oh so true.

Congratulations, Brenda! No surprise at this win--tremendous piece!
Brenda, I LOVED this. Congratulations! :-)
A very clever, thought provoking piece. Congratulations.
Congrats. This is a great story, I really enjoyed the read.
A well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS! :)
Congratulations, Brenda, this is a chillingly wonderful story! You've written it so skillfully that it flowed perfectly through to the gripping ending statement. I'm late commenting but so glad I read this.
A compelling read. I loved it. I, like Trina, agree with your last statement. This flowed so very well. May we all live by your last statement. From the other Brenda (such a good name meaning highly esteemed fiery minister of God, sharp edge of the blade, just to mention a few)
....Sorry, had to throw that in.
Congratulations. Excellent Writing!
Hooray! What a wonderful conclusion! I pray that God will use our writing for that ultimate reward.
Brenda, thank you for this lovely story. I've just now gotten around to reading it (slight case of procrastination...) and am so glad that I did. Beautiful story, beautifully told. Don't know that I would have included the line about Martin's grade (it seemed to breatk the flow a bit for me) but I think that's just personal style. This one goes on my favorites list and straight to several of my friends email boxes.
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