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Well-written and compelling story. I enjoyed the read and wish you luck in placing. Great title and follow through.
I like the title and the movements of the wheel. There was joy and tragedy, both part of life and what's in between. You drew the reader on in a compelling way. May God continue to bless your writing.
Wow, and wow.

Tragically beautiful, beautifully tragic.

You have captured the essence of your story in every word, for the reader to experience this family's joys and tragedies. Awesome.
What a moving take on the theme of 'life'. Beautifully written - you fit a lot into 750 words but kept us right there with you.
Superbly written! The Wheel takes on its own life, the collective life of all existence--brilliant. I love the contrast in the last line: "leaving a legacy in its wake or a promise in its path."
Yahoo, I just knew this was yours! As always, simply superb. I actually think you could have just posted that last paragraph and placed with it--but I'm glad we got the whole nine yards. Heartbreaking and just full of life.
This is why you are in the master level! Powerful, brilliant!
very very strong. Really nothing to pick at. (I would if ya gave me something) Great word choices, great feel. Excellent in most every way.
Wow. You captured it all. I'm inspired. Great job.
I've been waiting to see who wrote this. I had a feeling, and I'm glad this was yours Ann. Excellent beyond excellent!
Wow, you amaze me. Your creativity is astouding! It must be the Northern B.C. air (wink).
Seriously Ann, you are incredibly talented. This story is wonderful. You captured life in a story that every person can relate to even if they didn't go through those exact circumstances.

Amazing girl! I hope you're expanding your writing world! I want to read your books!
Amazing ~ Creative ~ Powerful ~ Captivating ~ Masterful! Wow!
Very well written and powerful. Just a superb piece all the way through.
I know what I like and I just loved this piece! You sure are building up my list of favorites. But that's okay! Your entries are always a pleasure to read.

I don't know who you are,but this is in my opinion the best on this whole level. Keep writing I love it!
Heartbreaking, but all part of life. Well done.