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Beautiful cadence, powerful message.
POWERFUL!!! I can't believe you 'threw this together.' I wish I could throw something together and it turn out like this. People like you, Maxx and Anita just amke me sick! LOL. Masterpieces in minutes. You should start a club! (wink). Honestly, this struck home. As do many of your writings, and your brought it full circle to God-which I love. One of your attributes is that you're able to capuslate on the emotions of someone struggling with past sins, yet you leave the reader with hope. Your ending was amazing. incredible. I don't know what else to say.
Ah... I think I recognize this author from the depth of the feelings portrayed. Very nice. Only one teeny-tiny suggestion... some of your lines/sections would have been a little more effective with appropriate punctuation at the end of a line; not all, just a few.
How love eradicates pain. Your poem is simply wonderful, strong and soul searching. It is just different and encouraging.
Another great piece of writing. At this point you have definitely proven to yourself that your prose/poetry works and you can do it with class. What I'd encourage you to do now is develop that further - take this and give life to a character, let us see her, put her in a setting, give us some dialogue etc. As the fitness ad says, "You can do it!"
Yes, you've allowed your reader to plumb the heart wrenching depths of need and progress to the light of restoration in this striking poetic verse.
It's all been said - beautiful, poignant, painful yet with that beautiful strong ray of hope at the end - well done!
What's left you say? Beautiful. You brought her through the depths of despair to the heights of hope. You brought life.
Wow! As always, powerful writing, and a marvelous infusion of grace at the end. I'm with Sally--consider branching out a bit next term: try some fiction, or something lighthearted or rhymed. You're a gifted, gifted poet, and I'd love to see what else you can do. Your talent, at such a young age, astounds.
A talented MASTER poet. Oh what shall I do next week? When Purity Snowe has no poem for me to read? I'm not a poet & I know it.
Incredible, powerful very well written. Another excellent job.
Oooo ... wonderful to say the least. You go girl ... again. Great job!
God can take those bitter memories and hardship and tuck them away in a place where He can love us through them. Great poem!