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Oh this is so beautiful. What a powerful message. Beautifully written.
Wow. I got the chills when I reached the last line of the third stanza and realized where this was going... I wouldn't be to sure about not placing. ;-)
I think we need to invent a word with more impact than "Wow" and use it on work like this. After finishing, I almost felt like I'd been watching someone deep in prayer.

So, for lack of a better word, "Wow."
Wonderfully moving poem, full of irresistible images and depths! But your last line is the crown on the whole thing--just perfect.
Yes, beautifully striking images! A verse of eternal love written in tenderness and power.
Oh Pat! This is unbelievably beautiful. I'll bet you just love this one--perhaps your best ever! Such heartbreakingly, breathtakingly wonderful images.
What magnificent imagery. I love the repetition of "For you see..." then the slightly different last line of each stanza. WELL DONE!
Such power in such a few well chosen words. Unbelievably beautiful. I agree, WOW!
I can see this poem going down in a Golden Treasury of Poems with those of the great Masters of poetry writing. This is so splendidly beautiful and different. I wish I could write poetry like this. Well done.
Awesome poem. I too wish I could write poetry like this. May the Lord continue to guide your quill as you write for the glory of HIM.
Profound and beautiful.... stunning....
Wow! Great images and a powerful message! Your words just reach out and grab a person with this fantastic poem!
Pat, this is excellent. Magnificent imagery, powerful words, great job.
Oh,oh,oh! Beautiful!
Captivating from the very beginning. Excellent imagery from beginning to end. Good job!
It's a wonderful thing to know that God loves us and stands by us no matter what. 'Tis so sweet to trust in the Master. Great poem!
This is so lovely. There was a time when I was in a place like this and the line:....
He waits alone
by her restless heart
where He spreads His wings
and covers her wounds
and broken soul.
He cannot leave – He knows exactly who she is.
For you see …
He loves touched my heart. I once was lost but now I am found. I was the broken, sounded soul. His patience astounds me, as I come to understand who I am in Him. Simply beautiful. Many Blessings