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This is the kind of sci-fi that I just love, and you really nailed it. What a fun, fascinating story--and your main character isn't alive! It takes a really great writer to pull that off.
So sorry that my original comment on this got blown away! It's the second time it's happened this week.(Hmm...can yellow comment boxes get beamed to another galaxy?)

Anyway, I want you to know I'm an Asimov fan, and your piece just thrilled me! I have great admiration for writers who can make sci-fi believable. You not only pulled it off, but crowned it with the message of Truth. Help--I think I'm floating ... to the next dimension ... with pleasure!
Now this is powerful writing. Well done.
That was an excellent ride. Clear fluid descriptions. It was like riding the probe itself while straining to hear what it was hearing. This is Sci-Fi the way it should be. Good job!
I'm not into sci-fi at all, but I was intrigued to see where you were going with this - and I was not disappointed. Very interesting concept!
Powerful, and so well written!! Masterful!!!
This piece of science-fiction seemed so realistic that I didn't see the Biblical ending coming, but was very happy to do so. It tells me that however advanced we are in science we need to have God in our hearts and minds.
I saw you said something about sci-fi on the boards, so I had to come check this out. Way cool!