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Seems to me that there's a difference between saying "God doesn't show favoritism" and "We're all God's favorites"...I don't think they're saying the same thing. I'm gonna have to chew on this some more, since it seems a common theme in several submission in this category.

As far as this piece, it's a smooth read. It hooks well in the beginning. And I enjoyed the insight in regards to the heart.

Thanks for posting.
I also like the insite with the heart. I would have been fine with the splitting it evenly in half, but was thrilled the idea it expanding. A much better analogy. You did a great job with this!
The flow of this piece was steady and smooth. The word pictures were very well choosen and the scripture dead on. Well done.
Yes, you gave us a lot of different pictures of what you were explaining, very helpful for the ADHD reader :)
I too enjoyed the heart growing bigger!
I love the part about the heart growing bigger.
Wonderful insight from God.
This is a statement I will remember and use myself to teach others.