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Great lessons from an abundant plant. It was all so true, and so well conveyed with your easy conversation. Blessings!
What a sweet story, demonstrating just how God reveals His goodness all around us, if we just take the time to look. Nice job!
I live rhubarb! I don't grow it though! I love the way that we can learn so much about God through the way nature works.
Nice descriptions of how comfortable these two women are around each other, I instantly felt as if they were familiar friends.
While I think you wrote 'replied Annie' on purpose to continue the flow of enjoying the mundane, I would have preferred something like 'gasped Annie, as she slashed at the gigantic leaves'.
A very restful piece.:)
A beautiful flow of friendship and companionship with sweet lessons along the way. Realistic and easy to relate to.
I have no idea what "chutney" is, but I do know about Rhubarb Pie; my mother used to make - but it is very, very rare to see anybody make it today. Interesting subject. Thanks for sharing.
A lovely picture of friends and God's abundance.

Rhubarb chutney - yum.

Well done.
Who would have thought that such spiritual insight could be squeezed out of rhurbarb? You got it all: juice, fruit and fibre. Great writing.
I really enjoyed this! Made me want to plant some rhubarb.
Beautiful light touch! I loved this! The easy dialogue between the two women rang so true to their long-standing friendship, and the lesson was brought home with such a graceful humor! Superb.
Just like going back home, warm and friendly. You helped us to remember the simple things around us and how God uses them. Great job!
a felt cadance indeed. This read very comfortable and warm. Looks like another winner ... excellent piece (again)! Good job!
Lovely--what I like best is that you used "discombobulated." I just love your use of language.
What can you say about a piece that packs so much into 750 words? Beautiful message, writing, friendship, illustration. Awesome.
Excellent writing and a very creative approach to the topic. Indeed, "God must surely laugh."
I shall never look at rhubarb in the same way again. How on God's green earth do you come up with your stories?! What delightful insight and creativity. Our Lord sure is blessing you with an abundance of great stories.
Congratulations, Ann! I'm so happy this will be published--there's a heavenly warmth to it.
Congrats Ann! This was a pleasure to read.
I have enjoyed rhubarb since childhood and it is one of my favorite parts of spring. Thanks so much for opening yet another window on the many layered wonder of God's creation.
Congratulations on your EC award,Ann. Stawberry Rhubard Pie - you do bring back memories! Love this story of abudance!
Hmmm...three hours away. I could sneak up on her. Maybe bring a that would be too loud...I could kidnap her!!! Yeah! That's what I'll do. And I'll tie her up in the woodshed! That'll keep her from

Ann, what can I say. You're amazing! Congrats!