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Well-written with a good point! I'll have to pray about what this means for me. :-)
Loved the voice of the garbage man - how clever! Who better than to see that abundance being wasted day after day? I also liked the devotional slant. Great message for all of us. Thanks for posting!
I worked one summer with a charity called Mission Ablaze in South Africa - they did exactly that - collected the left over stuff from supermarkets and supplied orphanages in black townships with food they could use to make stews and broths. It is very challenging!
I hope this gets published somewhere ... it is excellent. My church used to distribute bread from a local bakery to poor families ... this would have been perfect in the monthly large bulletin we had, followed by the details of how to join the team that distributes the bread. I'm sure other churches do similar things.
Great food for thought.
This would make an excellent devotional.
We don't think of our own personal waste in such global terms - but we certainly should. There is a lot to think about here. Good job.
This is excellent! Great beginning and ending. It hurts to think of all the waste and need occuring simultaneously. This provides a challenge both personally and on a larger scale. Great job!
On the way home from church years ago, we would find people we knew behind the local IGA, "dumpster diving". These weren't poor people, but people who then took that food, made soups and stews and such, set up "camp" under the bridge where the homeless and castaways lived, and embraced them with love. Occasionally one or two of the homeless would be at church and testify that if it wasn't for these people, they would have lost all hope. I, too, hope it gets published somewhere. Great article!
Powerful stuff. Some really good points here.