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Great message, nice title. This was a fun read.
Clever slant on abundance as the enemy's counterfeit! Well-written, nice flow.

One note: In a several places you punctuated as if for a dialogue tag, when it was actually a separate sentence. For example, "You need to hear my proposal,” I tried to disguise my displeasure." Less confusing for the reader to use a period and make it two sentences.

Nitpick notwithstanding, I really like this one!

I agree--This is a creative piece on how 'old slew foot snags us....Oh, but the power of prayer!
Your opening paragraph caught my attention. I liked the closing paragraph too. At first I thought it might be a time-share salesperson or something! "“What can it hurt?” frustration began to build.." came far too early in the narrative. Pat had not said enough for that to happen. I am not sure that the content of the dialogue rang true. It was almost a philosophical debate at times.
Nice twist! I enjoyed the voice behind it. Good beginning and great tie up.:)
I wasn't sure where you were going and that kept me interested. I was surprised to discover who the salesman was. That is the enemies goal; always. I think the fact that Pat was reading the Word, and praying enabled him to see the attack. Great job!
very strong writing, as we've come to expect from you. Great message as well. Your dialogue has really improved over the months. I think the frustration came a beat too early ... but aside from that, right on!
Excellent twist. Captivating read. A nice creative angle with this story. Good job.
I particularly liked your twist halfway through when it dawned on me that this was no normal salesman.
Oh, very clever! I liked this a lot.