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I love the imagery, the words, the format, the message ... everything!
This is truly magnificent. Vivid, inspired, breathtaking. I love it.
This is an unusual style and works quite lovely. Good job!
Beautiful poem, and I love the title. Good work.
Extraordinary! The parallelism is striking and powerful. An encouragement to all who read it.
Wow! I love the imagery of the storm and the calm, and the repeated "A call, a whisper." Very effective, a lovely, lovely poem.
Great images and the repetition is effective. Beautiful message, beautiful poem. Very nice.
This is very good, possibly the best effort of the Master's category.
Absolutely entrancing! Love the contrasts and the drama! The repetition is mesmerizing. You writing is poetry from and to the heart...always IS!
Sure to be a favorite. Inspirational, well written.
From the window rattling to the call of my heart....this is exceptional. Well done, as usual, Pat!!! I internalized/experienced every single stanza (rather than simply intellectualizing) and I can't always say that when reading poetry. Good job!
This is really very, very good. I enjoyed it very much.
Wonderful writing, Pat! Flowed smoothly, with a steady, even rhythm. You've woven a very powerful message in a beautiful poem. Well done!
I think this is a winner. Incredible job. Perfect in every regard.
Yup, you nailed it, this is so well done it deserves more notice.
Absolutely gorgeous. The imagery of the storm-orchestra expressing your inner desperation is exquisite! It's the little touches that make this poem sing.

One suggestion: It's always more difficult to paint in detail when speaking of encounters with Father. It's the next-to-last stanza where I was hungry for just a hint of your former detail about His robe, what His touch on your hand feels like, perhaps expressing intimate pictures on how He brought the peace, rather than stating in general terms that you felt it.

A marvelously gripping entry, nonetheless!
"A call, a whisper.." Use it 30 times and it's yours (remember that phrase?) How many times He calls but we do not hear Him? Thank you for this beautiful peace. Gotta go, He's calling...