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What a contrast - a wanted baby and a scheduled "termination." I was left wanting to read more - did Mary keep the baby? Give the baby up for adoption? Or terminate and then struggle with that the rest of her life? You write well, with meaning. Thank you.
Wow. Very powerful story. Well done!
wow. this one really got to me. very powerful. the comparison was extremely creative. don't think i've read a story told from this aspect before. superbly written. i think i know who you are. i've spent a good few hours reading your (i think it's you) work. your talent is uncomparable. (except to me of course LOL...yeah right.) great work. loved it.
Wow, this was so amazing. Choked up and everything.
I literally gasped at this line:

...The value of a life is not measured in its length. Your daughter had a purpose.”

...when I realized what the baby's purpose was going to be. It's aha! moments like this that make your writing so truly special. So original! How do you think of such things? Loved it.

I always appreciate your talent for scene setting and descriptive writing. Once again, a great read! :) Jo
Very powerful and very well written.

“The value of a life is not measured in its length. Your daughter had a purpose.” This line in itself is very meaningful to me.

Very good job.
I knew it! (wink). Great work maxx. Love it. (you must be sick of me saying that)
Beautiful and gracious with grit. I understand now about describing the senses. I could feel and almost smell this one. I humbly thank you for the lessons I have learned reading this. Truly a masterpiece.
Masterful writing.
Great work. This is excellent.

I did question stroking the hair and kissing a 17 week old fetus. I can't remember how developed they are at that age now. I do know that they are tiny, tiny.

I love the witness of the baby to the mother considering abortion. I didn't enter, but my thoughts were along the same line. Others are always watching, and what seems meaningless is never wasted with God. Beautiful.
This is awesome, Maxx. You had us right there in the room. Thanks.
Amazing; I absolutely love how you showed the purpose of the loss of the little one to help another.

A winner in my book :-)
Very powerful piece on the second read-through. This line confused me at first: "I touched my stomach, tentative, reluctant. I was only seven." It took me a minute to realize she was talking about her own pregnancy. The only other nit-pick I have is whether or not you can feel fetal movement at 7 weeks. I don't remember it being that early myself, but perhaps it is possible?? Other than those two (tiny) things, your piece is as it always is - powerfully descriptive, well-written and thought-provoking. I wouldn't expect anything less. Wonderful, wonderful work!
Beautiful writing.

I was a bit confused about the hair on a baby who was born so very early - perhaps I'm being unfair here though - I really don't know.

I appreciated the confusion and honesty of the faith in the God who works miracles and yet the fact that this baby wasn't miraculously saved. Yet life has a purpose......

Well done.
Great, great work! Not only a ministry to the one considering abortion, but also to those who have lost a child. I love to see you using your gift in such a way. :-)
I thought the ending wrapped up too quickly, but otherwise this was excellently written. We just had a 17-weeker come in a couple weeks ago; it's such a sadness when parents who long for their baby have to give them back to God. How I wish this could be shouted from the rooftops to those considering a different choice! Thank you for writing, and I hope you will give us some more in the future. Oh, and 16-weekers DO have a small amount of hair. ;)