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Like Jesus, Dale thought to himself, we can walk through walls. But the walls are not brick and mortar any more. They are walls of prejudice, of ignorance, mistrust; walls of apathy, self-interest and cynicism.

Powerfully thought provoking. Would that we each walked as a Dale in our own world. I think it's time we do.
To be about our Master's business. A special story, with a strong message.
This makes you stop and think -- that's the mark of excellent writing!
Loved the "Walls" paragraph.
Dale is a strong example of any Christian's purpose. Nice writing - well done! :)
What I really love about this entry is that Dale is NOT an angel (I thought he was going to be, at first). This is GREAT stuff. Also, your title amused me a lot. Maybe you could have added a few more suffixes?
After the title, I didn't know what to expect! What I got was a great lesson driven home in a well written manner. Great work!
I love this character you've sketched here, and the original use of this week's topic. This is delightful reading. Thank you!
Excellent. You touched a lot of hearts here. It wouldn't hurt any of us to walk through a few walls.
Yes, great focus on the crumbling walls. I was a little perturbed at his going into the ICU when there were crises happening inside ... imagine if all the guests put their own purpose above that of the hospital rules which are, of course, there for a purpose. Just a nitpicky little thing - wouldn't mention it except that in this level, there are only really nitpicky little things left to mention! Great writing. Well done.