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This is a very good story. A sobering look at Christian maturity. Excellent way to present the topic. Great work!
A+++. This is wonderful!
Brilliant ... just brilliant.

Using the calf to show us the damage the hail could do worked well.
This is awesome, and you used one of my very favorite scriptures. I felt as if I knew these people, after only these few words. I love the way you depicted this beautiful marriage.
Excellent. A great story and a great message.
Briliant, wonderful writing!!
You would think you knew these people personally. I really enjoyed reading it. Beautiful.
You've created a beautiful story with captivating characters and a brilliant concept. The only glitch for me was that Randall and Ellen surveyed the fields and pasture first instead of tearing off after the children the moment it was safe. But I really did love the story as a whole. You've made those verses come to life.
I love the family you've created here. My only question is about the switch from hot weather to a hail storm. Does weather in other places really switch that quickly?

As I read, I thought of Riders and Reapers. I bet this would be accepted if you submitted there. It's a wonderful story.
wow. chills! Incredible job. This is exactly on topic. And very well written. You can paint with your words very well. Oh, and in canada the weather switches that quickly. I think I read someone saying that it didn't make sense. Why just yesterday I was walking in the sunshine, not a cloud in the sky and ended up going inside 20 minutes later becasue of a thunderstorm. So yes, this could happen. Great work. perfect.
I lost my small garden to hail this past weekend. You story painted what a storm of this magnitude can do. Your characters showed joy in their daily living and in their sorrows. Very well written. I'll never forget it.
A very, very, very good story. God Bless you.
A very involving story - I loved the relationships as well as the action and descriptions.
Congratulations, Ann! (I'm so sorry I didn't leave a comment on this earlier.) This story has a wonderful flow and flavor! I'm sure will make many, many readers envious of such a close-knit family (and strong male leadership). Keep holding out the standard!
Great entry based on one of my favorite Biblical passages! A well-deserved win!
Sorry to be so late making a comment on this. Congratulations - a very well-deserved win. You took one of my favourite passages and brought it to life.
Congratulations, Ann. I love family stories and your family warmed my heart. Your characterizations were well-written and felt real. I enjoyed reading this article and am happy that it placed. You bring glory to God with your words and bless those who have an opportunity to read them.