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You did an excellent job with this piece. Your intro was superb. Your ending perfect. I was really impressed. You also did an excellent job of describing instead of telling. Very strong piece.
I loved your intro, too. You really grabbed my attention - and kept it all the way through. Fabulous job!
Oh, this was really good! I agree, the intro was great. It really pulled me in.
This is wonderful! I also was captured from the beginning, wondering where you take this to find JOY... but you did it. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Well done!!! I wanted to take her home with me, too.
I love this piece. Very well crafted from beginning to end. It's just wonderful in every way.
Your description was excellent. My heart ached for the little girl.
I can see why you are in the master's level. Wonderful. Loved the little girl, though I think the name thing was addressed on the message board...but it fits at the same time.

Sorry I can't make logical since tonight. My brain has been fried at my job today pretty much literally.
I loved the opening scene too - it was very well done.

I wondered at first if Andrea was a social worker - being on the scene to collect the child, having a home especially designed for children like her etc. In the end, with the song about joy being there to stay, I figured that the child is there to stay, right?

Very good writing.
I like this very much. I was also a little confused about your main character's role in the little girl's worker, foster mother, adopting mother...? You were very descriptive, I could picture the scene easily and I loved the little girl's growing trust in her caregiver. Great job!
Like Shari, I wanted to take her home. Wonderful writing!
A beautiful and bittersweet story...but all ended well. Nicely told.
Heartbreaking--and wonderfully written.
Funny how the only thing that came to my mind when the challenge word was posted was that same song. Great piece.
This is a great story and so true to life. There are so many "Joys" out there who don't get rescued. Great writing. Thanks.
oh! What wonderful writing! You reached right into our hearts and planted 'Joy' right there. A gripping and unforgetable story!
I wondered from your title how could Joy smile, now I know, great story.