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Crying! Awww...David, I too am heart broken that Tom is going through this again and he is in my prayers.
Oh, my goodness! David, I cannot believe the emotions this stirred up in me. I shouldn't have read this at work. I'm glad you found your voice to your friend. I'm glad you shared it with us. I'm praying for your friend and for his family. Wow!
How to comment on a piece that leaves me unglued? I don't know you or your friend Tom, but a year ago Easter I lost one of my own dearest friends to this. The greatest grief for her husband was the friends who didn't want to deal with his grief. Your incredibly powerful, dramatic expression shreds all pretenses and leaves nothing but the raw, quivering reality of selfless love. So many need to read this. I pray you will be moved to journal through this walk of faith, and to publish the results. I also pray to the One with Whose stripes we are healed. Bless you!
I knew who wrote this because I prayed for you and your best friend, Tom. And if it helps, there are others who have not known what to say to a best friend who has cancer and may or may not live but found a way like you have to show their love.

I lost a friend to cancer, a complete shutdown of her liver, and, knowing she was dying, wheeled her out to the outdoor smoking area when she wanted. You do what you can, brother, you do what you can. I think this article is a start.
Raw hurt, honestly conveyed, powerfully written. I dont know if I have any words to convey how much this has moved me. But I keep Tom and you all in my prayers, knowing that God is that ring with Tom, with you for the duration, and beyond. God bless.
very powerful writing - because it came from your guts. (also becasue you're a very good writer!)
This made me cry. I've been there in the ring, both for myself and for those I love. Thank you for this entry.
I prayed for him too. Like I did for your wife. But I prayed for you, so you could find, what you needed to find, for both of them. For what they needed to find in you - through God.

I think you made a lot more sense than I do!

Great stuff in writing David!
I'm praying for Tom and Cindy too. Your searing honesty brought your desperate love for your friend through loud and clear. I'm glad it helped Tom.
I agree with all of the above comments: this is powerfully tender (how's that for an oxymoron?) And I love the title, too.

You've given so many of us such wonderful critiques in the past. Can I at least attempt to return the favor, knowing how personal this particular entry is?

First of all, it is obviously a wonderful display of your brotherly love for your friend. However, I found the formatting in the beginning a little difficult to read. Having a new line for each sentence made it seem like a cross between prose and poetry and it read much smoother when you reverted to the usual format midway through.

Your words were awesome and your love came through clearly with each of them. I hope that you do find a way to publish this so others can share in your story.

(Perfect title too by the way.)
I remember praying for your friend a while back. He's blessed to have a friend like you. Warm, tender and a beautiful display of friendship and love. You're both in my thoughts and prayers. Jo
I can't add to what's already been said. Good job.
David - what an awesome friend you are! I'm sure Tom is thankful to have you in the ring with him. Smack that disease around - it has no right to be in the ring at all! Praying for both of your boxing gloves to be in tip-top shape for this one.
Hugs, Lynda
That is love in its essence. It is not easy.
WOW! I can hardly type this as I fight the tears. I very rarely have the emotions stirred that this touched. Thank you for such an amazing message. (I really can't stop crying.)This one is the best I've ever read.
Sometimes it's hard to know how to be there for a friend or loved one going through a difficult situation. No matter what we do or say, it never seems to be enough. We always wish that we could do more. But, there are times when those in need just need to hear that we are there for them no matter what happens next. A friendly voice is exactly what the doctor ordered. Great article.
A masterpiece! Perfectly written from beginning to end. A winning entry.
Praying for Tom!
No doubt a ten+ on the emotional richter scale. It packed a wallop, carried a great depth of passion and love. You'll score well in that catagory. Good job. I felt the writing was a touch weak in places, though, some alliteration and adverb use. Minor speedbumps, however, since this really carried the day with its selfless profession of love.