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Captivating! Left me really wanting to know more! Kate~
What a lovely piece. You held my attention throughout. It left me wanting more, too. I hope you will continue this next quarter.
Oh ... just beautiful!

I love the way 'lock' worked into it too ... their identical eyes, locking together, and the door that he didn't want locked ... wow.

You've done a great job at putting us right in the scene - smells, temperature, appearances ... it's just beautiful.

I remember part one of this (was it the 'trees' week?), but sure do remember the story! I'm looking forward to part three one day ... please!
Doh ... and how could I miss the locket with that lock of dark, curly hair!
What a powerful story! The ending just captures the imagination. What a way to go.
I remember the other story! You continued this so well:) Brought out the emotions making me want to read more. I do like the ending as it leaves me hoping the story will go on. ALso, you added just enough detail to refresh our memories without retelling everything. Nicely done!
Way to go! Reminds me of another story......which I remember quite well. :-D

Tender, sincere, cautious,'ve caught the whole gamut of emotion in this one. Very nicely done! Loved the emphasis on eyes. So sweet!

How wonderful and sad at the same time. It is great that she found out what became of her grandson, but wondering how he has been living since she last saw him must have ripped her heart in two. I loved this story. It is as heartwarming as it is heart-wrenching.
This story just pulls you right into the middle of it. I waited with her holding my breath all the while. But the final line is perfection "Lady, how come you know my name?" It reminds me of meeting Jesus for the first time and realizing that he already knew my name and everything about me. Well done!
Absolutely wonderful!
Very touching -left us with questions. I can't remember if I read your fruit entry or not. I'm going to have to check now LOL
I agree---captivating! Excellent writing here!
I agree with everyone's comments. This story was amazing, though I had to read it through twice to catch everything. Great job!
Oh, I remember the first one of this story, too. Well done and great story!
Wonderful! Good suspense. I too went back and read the fruit entry and then reread this. Step, by slow step, she'll get him to open up to her. Great creativity here, just a lovely story!
Oh, I love this story, Pat, and the first one too! Can't wait for you to keep it going! Beautifully written!!
Great story. Very descriptive and touching.
Lovely story! Unfortunately I don't think I read the first one that everyone keeps talking about...I'll have to track it down, now! As I stated before, though, lovely story! It drew me in and had me wanting to know what happened next.