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This is a masterpiece. How do you do it? Beautiful, realistic character sketches.

I loved it.
Good story.
How'd you come up with the names for the demons? Very creative!
This is awesome, a great way to visualize the spiritual battles all around us!
This fits into a study we are doing at church about spiritual demons. Nicely done and shows the power of prayer and the name of Jesus.
Neat. Well done. The descriptions were excellent.
Very well done. And you picked such 'little, harmless' things (not!): gossip, cheating, pornography... The connection with the bible verse really clinched it for me. Checking my head for fiery darts right now! yeggy
Very creative and well done. Great descriptions.
This is not easily forgotten! Such a great message done so creatively down to earth! Good work!
Oh, Kate! This is wonderfully written! What a message! You so skillfully chose the exotic names of the evil creatures, and you creatively used real life, ordinary situations like what we face every day! Great work!! Great warning!!
What great food for thought! I loved the realistic situations that we all find ourselves in and how easy it is to sometimes fall and not even realize we have done so. Hopefully, we all win more than we know about too.

Have you been talking with Maxx? The discussion on the darker side of things and demons in this weeks writings are good for us all, but very close together - like you collaborated on it. Hmmm?

Really, I would love to see this expanded. It could make a great novel like Perretti for kids or something. OK, so I would read it too, but that's not the point.

Thank you.
Excellent reminder to be on the alert with our shield of faith. I love this piece. Bravo!
I know I've read a great piece when I keep thinking about it. I'm convicted. I've fell into that pit of gossip too many times. Thank you for this message!