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I really love your style and the humor. The "lesson" and change of heart were a bit too neat and tidy for me, but I still enjoyed this.
I liked it! Good humor, (especially: "Headline: 'Man blows away little bird with big gun! And half a tree. And half the neighbors tree too!'") with a great lesson.
What a wonderful, laid-back voice you have! In the first half of your story, I was reminded of Poe's "Raven", who just wouldn't go away! Very entertaining read.
I especially enjoyed this since my nic name is Sparrow. :-)
There is some great humor here. I especially like the line, "'What right does she have to judge me?' I growled. 'I AM happy!'" Funny stuff!
Oooh, you remind me of the guy I spoke to the other day... I told him to "have a nice day" and he growled back at me..."don't tell me what kind of day to have..." Glad to see your day improved. Keep up the good work! :o)
And now I'm singing that song too ... but am not in a rush to get it out of my head.

Touching! Thanks.
For a moment there, I was afraid you ran over the cat...

I really like your style!

Good writing! (and thank you for the morning laughter)
A very nice lesson -well done.
Cute, witty, honest, and inspiring! Enjoyed seeing things from a more transcendent point of view.....

Would enjoy reading a series of stories like this one - !