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None of us are immune to such temptation. Satan likes for us to feel "safe" and above such things. When he succeeds in seducing us away into this kind of sin, we do indeed end up like broken puzzles and God is the only One who can put us back together.
Now, that's a strong plea for help! At least this character knows where to turn. Strongly conveyed emotions. Nicely done.
This guy needs to go see a pastor, or a counselor, or Dr. Phil, or somebody, before he falls apart! Whew!
I see remorse but not repentance. I see sorrow but not brokenness. I see damage control and not release. I'm sorry, I'm not sympathetic to the content of the plea. As a piece of WRITING, however, I think it effectively conveys the heart of the narrative and is extremely empassioned. I'm just not buying into it. Well done.
What a plea for help! You wrote well the struggle of desperation after doing something that feels unforgivable.
Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your critique of my Writers Challenge article, "The Biggest Entry".
I agree that the church needs to preach the truth about salvation and righteousness so no one is disappointed when they can't enter through God's doorway to heaven.

I also commend you for an honest portrayal of Christians' struggles with the flesh. Although we are crucified with Christ, the ghost of our flesh continues to haunt us.