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A very interesting take on the subject! You held my attention right to the end! Well done!
Knowing from the message boards the trial you and your wife are going through, this article impacts me even more. Your statement, 'I find myself wondering, "When did life get so, well, real?"' hit me first. Loved this line: "I worked with a guy who was so Type A I sometimes thought he ironed his shoelaces." I can actually picture that type of personality.
You know, I got to the end of this article, and there were so many wonderfully worded sentences and phrases,(like "It's God's timing always. He will stop the sun if He needs to for us to accomplish His tasks." and "Now clicking clocks vie with the humming refrigerator for domination of the night air.") that I felt I couldn't copy them all! And, of course, the last two sentences clinch the whole thing! There was only one part that I was puzzled about. Was John your Type A friend, and what about your day would he have dreaded?
Thank you so much for sharing one day in your life with us, your readers. Thank you and Cindy for working in the Lord's harvest field.

I guess the cat's out of the bag as to who wrote this so I'll reply and add a little context.

Sandra, John (my reporter friend) dreaded the length and busy-ness of the day. Always one more detail to attend to, one more story to rewrite. He wanted predictability by created his own chaos.

Context I didn't have room for: My wife, Cindy, actually prayed as she was awaiting surgery for possible cancer, "Lord, let me be so preoccupied this week with helping others that I can't think about myself."

More background: Someone donated $200 to the minstry before Ron went to the hospital. It ended up paying bus far for he and Myra to go home to West Virginia where they are homeless no more! Praise God.
Wow, Al! I had to guess as I was reading this that it was true - 'cause no one could make all that up! I'm blessed by your willingness to share all of this, and proud of you for putting it so simply and eloquently. Great job!
I loved this--what an easy-going, pleasant read. So I cringed just a bit at the paragraph that begins "Me and..." Other than that, this is great, and you have a wonderful servant's heart.
Thank you, Al, for being such a faithful beacon in an often dark world. You have so personally and eloquently shared not only your day but also your heart here in this beautiful piece. Wonderfully written!
Well written. Thank you for all you do. May God bless all your endeavors for His hurting ones. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.
Thank you for sharing that testimony with us.
After reading YOUR "day" makes me want to go hide under a rock, as I am not doing anything near what you do for your fellow man. I have all the excuses: "don't have a car, don't have the means, don't have a family, too shy to mingle..."ah,me, the list goes on and on. But Bless You for all YOU do! I know...I read it in the story!