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This is SO good - all I can say is thank you.
This is so different, very creative. Thanks for sharing.
This is beautiful. I don't feel equipped enough to critique style or grammar in anyone's writing, so I won't go there. However, I want to encourage you in another way. God really spoke to me through these words. Challenge winner or not, these words encourage the heart. Thanks for posting.
So much truth in a poetic picture of Christ's relationship with us! His gentle, unrelenting love and concern are shown beautifully. So well written! Great piece!!
This is so beautiful. My favorite hymn...He walks and talks with me in that intimate garden. And then we "hang out" all day. You did a great job. I loved this!
This ministered to me!
I really love the analogy you've given us. What a great picture! There are a few tiny technical errors: waved, not waived; mums and chrysanthemums are the same thing; and you should put extra spaces in the dialogue (start a new paragraph whenever someone else speaks). Overall, this was a beautiful, thought-provoking piece and you are to be highly congratulated!
Wow. This is so moving. We must take Him everywhere we go, yet allow Him to speak to us in those quiet places. Thank you for writing this. I "got it!"
This was excellent! Powerful, powerful message.
Anita pointed out some spelling errors... add scarred (2R's) to the list. They detract, Dave.
"We still need a private place." Very nice!
A beautiful picture you painted here of our relationship 'with Him' and Him 'with us.' Well done on this perspective!
Very nice, and I enjoyed the subtle references to two lovely old hymns, as well.
You took one of my favorite hymns and brought it to new life for me! How wonderful your insights were! I liked these sentences: "From then on Amen was a different word to me. It was not a period ending my prayers, but an agreement and a unity that spurred on our walking and brought power to our planning, performing, and learning." and "Instead of locking him behind the gate Amen cut the bolt and tossed it in to the bushes." There were a few mispelled words: "waived" should be "waved", "nail-scared" should be "nail-scarred", "in to" is "into", and "good bye" should be "goodbye". Those things aside, your article restates what I know in my mind but sometimes have difficulty remembering at all times: Jesus is right there beside me all the time and I can choose to ignore His Presence or allow His Presence to guide my decisions, conversations,entertainment choices, and ministry. Thanks for sharing this article!

This is amazing. Seriously's awesome. I don't even know what to say. I love how your theology was dead on. You didn't sugar coat anything. You wrote so clearly. Any Christian can identify with this article. I truly love this.It's beautiful. I think this will place.
This is just beautiful.

Congratulations on placing in the challenge!
Dave, great story with a good lesson. Two things: Mums are Chrysanthemums, so that sounded a bit awkward. Also, there should be a period between "Gate" and "Amen". Great job!
Thank you for this inspiring piece of writing
Hi David.

I'm just preparing all the winning entries for inclusion in the FaithWriters' Anthology for last quarter, and need to get a short bio note from you (written in the third person), to include with our "Meet Our Authors" section. If you are at all unsure what to write, it may be worth checking some of the bio notes at the end of the articles at FaithWriters' Magazine ( Once you have your bio note ready, could you please send it through to me at

Thanks for that. Look forward to hearing from you.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)
Brother Dave - I just finished reading "Inspiration at Your Fingertips," and wanted you to know how much this piece completely and totally blessed me. It was probably one of my alltime favorites from the entire anthology. It definitely gave me a new perspective on prayer in a wonderful format. Thanks, friend!